Gas Fireplace Maintenance


Is your fireplace turning on and working, but needing an annual maintenance?  We do a gas fireplace maintenance that includes a safety inspection, a thorough cleaning of the unit and glass, as well as run diagnostics to ensure that your fireplace is working as it should

Gas Fireplace Inspection


Are you having trouble turning on your gas fireplace? Is it not firing off as it should? Our tech will come out and run diagnostics to find out what repairs your unit needs to work properly. At this time we will write a formal proposal with costs moving forward to repair it. 

Wood Fireplace Safety Inspection


Do you have a wood fireplace? If your home is insured, chances are you need to stay up to date on current NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) fire codes. We can help with that! prices may vary based on location.

*NOTE: If you are buying or selling a home, the prices vary as well*

Starting at $75 +tax



Are you tired of looking at that out-of-date fireplace? We specialize in the entire process!  Whether its tearing down and rebuilding your chimney, refacing your fireplace with various stones/rock options, even repairing your existing fireplace/chimney. Give us a call and tell us about your project so we can get you on our calendar.


Chimney Sweep


Whens the last time you got your chimney swept? Did you know, dirty chimneys are one of the leading causes to house fires? They should be done annually! Let us come out and get your chimney up to NFPA standards.

Starting at $159 + tax

***All of the prices listed here do NOT include tax.